Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Week!

This past week has been a full one here leading up to one of the biggest "bestest" weekends in our family!  On Saturday, May 8, 2010 our older child graduated from college and our younger child graduated from High School. Yep, all on the same day! It was truly a whirlwind!  College was at 10 a.m.  High School at 4 p.m. We hosted an open house at our home between the 2 and then had folks follow us home for a kick back party afterwards. It was a day FULL of blessings!  I can never truly put it all down in words.  Here are a few pictures from the day....

Our Family

 Our Crazy Kids!

Time to Celebrate!!!!

Mother's Day was this weekend also....  Church... loved Baby Dedication!  Wonderful Message and Worship!  Hubby grilled out (YUM!)... then an afternoon movie and little cat nap!  Got some lovely flowers from hubby and the kids.... and some neat happies including a great journal!

These are actually for graduation.. the white are for me and the pink for our daughter, the college grad.. the one pink at the top with small darker pinks were given to me by our son, high school grad, at his ceremony... yes, Momma cried a lot of Saturday!

These are from the kids.. Son picked them out.. He knows his Mom well.. I love BRIGHT and PINK!

Do you see a color theme here? 

One of the best presents for me this weekend came Saturday Night... after everyone had left and the house calm.  My Husband had place candles around our yard and patio in these neat Luminaries we got last year.  The effect was amazing!  I sat out in the glider swing and just drank it in!  After a week of 80s and 90s with horrible humidity, God sent us a day in the 70s with breezes and no stickiness.. it was a treasure!  These photos really don't come close to doing the setting justice, but you can get a bit of an idea...

That is just a taste of our big weekend..... earlier in the week I discovered some blooms in our Iris... so beautiful...

The pups went to visit their friends at the vet's kennel this weekend. With all the folks coming in and out and our going to and from it seemed best for them... but today I am missing them!  Ready for tomorrow to get her so I can get some puppy kisses.  It will be Miss Mia's 1st Birthday... I hope she is speaking to me! LOL!  She was not happy about the kennel one bit!

Be Blessed and take time to look for the joy in the journey.. it is there!