Thursday, April 29, 2010

Azaleas in Bloom

Our regular Azaleas bloomed several weeks ago, but alas I was unable to get photos of them.  We have a mass of them along the East side of our house... Henry Clay variety which produce a red that is muted and more like red clay than bright red.  In the backyard, we planted some more red azaleas. These plants stay smaller, but have large blooms like regular azaleas. They bloom a few weeks later in the spring and again the fall.  Truly lovely... what Southern Girl doesn't love Azaleas... they symbolize home!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I live in the deep South... so fall is a stranger to me. I love the pictures I see of autumn... I love the thought of it and the little teasing hints we get in October... but it is a rare treat here to have all that glorious fall color.  But what we lack in the fall, we make up for in the Spring!  Here are a few shots of the things blooming and growing at my house.

Our regular azaleas bloomed several weeks ago (didn't get any pix!) but we have some late bloomers in the back yard.. in fact, these bloom several times a year.  The buds have just started teasing us with color this week. I am hopeful that next week they will be full of red blooms!
My husband fell in love with Foxgloves when we were walking through the nurseries over the past few weeks, so we now have several planted in pots around the yard with yellow lantana and white and purple petunias.  The flowers on the foxgloves are so delicate and fragile looking to me.

Here is a bit of the yellow lantana... a nice punch of color!

I adore Petunias! 

                                                       Hubby loves salvia...

We both like verbena... I chose PINK this year (my friends know why!  LOL!)... it looks really great with the bright green sweet potato vine leaves!

Or with a bit of sunshine lighting it up...

Take time to stop and enjoy the flowers in your life today!

My Little Corner of the Yard....

Several years ago my husband decide to transform our rather bland backyard into a bit of an oasis... still leaving room at the time for kids stuff, ike a swing set and sandbox. Those are gone now as the kids are college age, but the oasis is still here and more lush than ever. The best part, for me, is tucked away in the corner by our bedroom.  My old glider, hubby bought for my birthday 19 years ago, is in that corner with lots of beautiful greenery and flowers and a great view of the yard and bird feeders and bird baths.  I use to sit out there a lot, then life just got sooo  busy.  The corner was never lonely though, it became our son's go to spot.  He sat out there and sang while listening to his iPod (PTL he is a musician with a good voice) and he talked on his phone, guess he was after privacy!  Well, I am reclaiming the spot this year!  This past week I made myself stop "doing" and go sit on the glider with a book and some time. It was wonderful!  Here are some of the things I observed from my little corner of the yard....

Ok you can't see much here but that bit of golden-red fur and the black fur next to it are my 2 pups... Mac and Mia.. both are a year old (ok.. Mac is 13 months, Mia is 11 1/2 months.. close enough!)... they are minature long-haired dachshunds and will show up on this blog regularly! This is the back end of both of them as the are hunting in the bushes for an evil roly-poly or lizard!

Here are the wild wieners rolling around in the yard. Mia seems to always be on her back!  But don't worry... she can take care of herself.  When she gets tired of it all she grabs Mac by the ear or lip and puts a halt to it!

I love the red coloring on the leave of our nandina bushes and the pretty red berries.

And here is one of the pots of lovely flowers my husband potted for us to enjoy. 

I hope you have a place to go and relax and enjoy where you live. Everyone needs a little space to call their own!

Another Blog!

The last thing I need is another blog to keep up with... so why am I creating one. Well, I like to keep things a bit organized. Life is messy.. no doubt!  Everything gets jumbled together... family, work, friends, hobbies... life!  But in blogland I like to exert a bit of control over the chaos.. so I have a blog for my devotional thoughts... a blog for sharing reviews of books I read... a blog about quilting... and now a blog that covers pretty much everything else in my life! And the funny thing is I am sure some of the things I blog about elsewhere will spill over to this blog too.  Oh well... such is life... this journey of every day adventures we are one... and I, for one, am striving to focus on the Joy in the Journey!  B