Friday, September 10, 2010

Semper Fi!

I have a number of nieces and nephews (and now great ones too!).  My niece, De'Ana, was the first.. born just 19 weeks after my 9th birthday... the last is my nephew, Collier, born 1 day after my 27th birthday. Most of the crew lean towards De'Ana's end of the age spectrum. In fact, my mother call all the grandkids born before my daughter (who is 19 months older than Collier) the big kids.  My 2 kiddos and Collier are the little kids... although at 23, soon to be 21 and 18 they are not so little any more!

Being wedged in age between my 2 kids, Collier and my 2 spent a great deal of time together at our their house.. and often at Mamaw and Papaw's house.  In many ways I feel like Coll is one of mine.  I have no doubt he has no concept of house much I love him. He has one of the best smiles that stretches all the way to his beautiful blue eyes.  There is a mischief behind those eyes and a wit that is very similar to his dad.  Like my kids, no matter how grown he is I still picture Collier as a little boy with a blond bowl haircut running around laughing as he played.  

Today that sweet child of my heart graduated from Basic Training and is now a Private in the United States Marine Corps.  I am proud for him and of him! I know this was more rigorous than I can begin to imagine, but I also knew he had what it takes to persevere... and persevere he did!

Funny thing... when I look at this picture of Collier.. the man... the Marine... I still see glimpses of my Collie-Bug behind those serious eyes.

I love you, Coll....