Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching Up... Looking for Fall... Flower and Garden Show

I have been woefully negligent with blogging.  I am too busy enjoying the journey to blog about it, I guess!   We are in search of Fall here. I live in the deep South and Fall isn't really a season here. It is more like a guest for a few weeks.  We have had hints.. some cooler temps and breezes.. but then the heat and humidity came back. I think they were jealous of the attention we were giving the crisp cool weather.  That taste of Fall is enough to send us into Fall mode. My husband is a very artistic and creative fella and he loves to create with flower and leaves and such. He had a blast decorating the house for Fall.

Here is our front door....

I love that he also decorates the back door. You have to come through the garage to get here, so pretty much the only folks who see this are us... he figures we deserve some loveliness too!

Of course there has to be some decorating inside too...

the Breakfast Table

I was given some pears... these are just a few... they have been peeled and sliced and cooked until nice and soft. Tomorrow they get pureed in the food processor and then they get turned into Pear Butter.  My first time to make it.  Hope it is good!

Last Friday, Hubby and I went to a Fall Flower and Garden Expo. It is in a small town south of us and is a huge deal. The largest show of its kind in the Southeast with 1000s of folks coming. It was really lovely and I am sure it will be come a regular excursion for us. Here are just a few pics of things we saw...

That is the joy I've been finding on my journey... I hope you find a bit every day as your journey through life.  Look for it.. it is there!