Friday, August 26, 2011

The Lovely Bowls....

I love old things... vintage some might say.  My favorites tend to be things that have been passed down through the family... glassware from my grandmothers, quilts they made, embroidered linens, cast iron.... even knick knack type things.  And occasionally I will purchase something "old."

So recently I was drawn to a set of Pyrex bowls at an estate sale. Saw them on Day 1.  Full set.. great color and pattern... loved them... but did I want to spend the $.  Not that day.

Mentioned them to my husband who immediately said "Buy them!"

We went back on day 2... they were still there.. 25% off... nope, just couldn't do it. I decided that if they were there on Sunday at 50% off I would do it!

So back we went after church Sunday and there they sat patiently waiting for me to come and take them home.

Aren't they cute?!

And here is the kicker... these were not cheap... even at 505 off... they are considered collectible by many... so what do I do with them? Are they displayed on a shelf or in a cupboard? Nope!  I USE them! Life is too short to only display the special things!  I am enjoying the heck out of them. The big one is perfect for muffins and cookies.. the next size down is now my favorite bowl for pancake batter.. I love the way the handles are made so that one is a bit wider to act as a handle and the other narrower and tapered to be a spout. Love it! Why don't they make bowls this cute and functional any more!?

Both my kids like these. I think I will keep my eyes open for a set to put up for each of them to have when they start their own home. And I think I will keep my eyes open for more vintage goodies for me to enjoy today!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Snowy Surprise

I live in a part of the US where snow is extremely rare... especially real snow. We get excited over a flurry of flakes and if anything actually sticks, well we shut down our businesses and hunker down for the "blizzard!"  Despite the lack of snow here (or maybe because of it) I love things with snow flakes or snowmen on them.  A dear friend, who lives where it really snows!, knows my love of snowy things and sent me the cutest happy recently.  It was truly a surprise and I cannot wait to wear it come winter.

I wonder if I wore it now if I would feel cooler?  Might have to give that a try!