Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Belated Gratitude....

My daughter and I have been meeting up each morning to walk at a local park. It has a track (that needs some repair, but is usable). And it is super shady!  Which means it is cooler than most walking spots.  This morning she couldn't walk with me, so instead of trucking over to the park, I decided to head off into the neighborhood. I was hopefully the heat and humidity would be too bad at 6:45 a.m.

It was lovely... I caught a lot of shade on the streets I chose (lots of big trees in our neighborhood).  There was an occasional breeze and it wasn't hot! (That was amazing).  Spoke with a number of neighbors who were watering plants or picking up their newspaper and even a friend who was out walking too.

I even commented to God how much I love our neighborhood.. love having a place to walk that is safe and friendly.. and then it hit me. A few months ago I decided I had to have a treadmill.. and not a cheap one.. I wanted a good one. Well my husband wasn't gungho.. they take up a lot of room and we really don't have a place for one. And while he did not say it, I know he feared it would sit unused after the novelty of it wore off. And really we don't have the $ for that purchase right now. So I grumbled a bit under my breath.. and felt sorry for myself.. and decided I would not be able to walk this summer with the heat since I couldn't have my treadmill.  (It was a full blown pity party!)  

This morning I realized that God had provided what I needed to walk.. a shady park.. a comfortable morning in the neighborhood.. I even have DVDs I can use inside on those days when the heat is just too much.  He had take care of it all and I was taking it for granted.  

So today I am grateful first and foremost for a God who meets my needs... gives me the desires of my heart in His time and His way, cause that is always best.  And I am thankful for the shady park and my neighborhood.. for my neighbors.. and most of all for my daughter who is keeping me motivated. We have lovely morning time together in the park!