Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're having a heatwave.....

Heat is the norm in my part of the US 3/4 of the year... but whew!  it came back early this year! And it came with a vengeance and the humidity decided to kick it up a notch and play while the rain ran away to cover other parts of the world.   So what does this mean for me & mine? Well... it means running errands early in the a.m. and being inside with the a/c during the heat of the day (which arrives around 10:30)... it means vehicles that run hot and need water added regularly... it means dogs that come in panting and flop on the cool floor after being out 5 or 10 minutes at most ... it means mowing the yard and then watering it so the grass doesn't burn up... and it means sad flowers...

We have lots and lots of daylilies in our beds... big bright fiery orange daylilies... even my friend, Jules, who doesn't care for the color orange would love them... and much to my delight I noticed a few bulbs a day or so ago and today we have a gorgeous lily...  but just 1 so far.

Normally I have a sea of them.  But here is why the sea will be a trickle this year...  the heat has devoured our plants and even though we have watered, they just don't thrive as well on tap water as they do on rain.

My shasta daisy greens look well, but there are very few blooms.

I think I need to remove my welcome spring banner and replace it with a summer one!

No pix, but we still have purple and white petunias blooming like mad.  I thank God for every little bit of color!  It is but a minuscule glimpse of what we will see in Heaven!

On a different note.. summer here brings some of the best and yummiest goodies.. fresh veggies!  A friend gave me a big bag full of green beans. Cooked half of them earlier in the week. Have the other half going tonight.

I normally cook nice and healthy, but I decided to honor my Southern heritage with these green beans and loaded them up with ham.  No bacon fat though!  The Ham is bad enough, but oh they will taste sooo good!

The official first day of summer is still over a week away.. someone forgot to tell the South!

Stay Cool!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Still Here...

I cannot believe it has been a month since I posted here!  Life has been rather full and at times crazy. But all in all good!  I have been working on a number of quilting projects lately.. you can read about them and see pix on my quilting blog.. the Quilting Belle 

Church has me a bit busy right now.  We just started our summer session of  FAITH ... an outreach program we do throughout the year.  Normally we go out on a week night, but this summer we are making our contacts on Sunday afternoons.  Great time to reach folks, but whew!  it sure is hot!

I love our church... it is far, far, far from perfect.. mainly because it is made up of human sinners just like me!  But it is one of the most caring and real groups of people I have ever known.  And we have a pastor who preaches the Word with boldness and grace.  Check out our blog:  Come to the Woods .. you will find some great messages and encouragement there.

I received the sweetest card in the mail recently from a new friend. She is a scrapbooker and loves to make cards.  Isn't this cute!?  I love pink and green! 

I have also been cooking a lot lately... for others!  Friends who have been in the hospital or had deaths in the family.  I've baked several pasta bakes and chicken spaghettis and of course, Mississippi Fudge Pies.  My hubby tweaked and experimented with a recipe years ago and came up with this amazing creation. (Just might be one of the reasons I married him!) It is now a tradition for our family to give this to friends and neighbors for Christmas, births, deaths, illness.. any occasion that warrants food.. and in the South that is pretty much anything!  They aren't the prettiest pies in the world. They puff up while baking and then fall as they cool.. but oh my the taste.. pure fudgy goodness.. especially with some whipped cream on top!  Hmmm... I have one in the freezer.. maybe I can think of an occasion here that calls for pie!

Be Blessed and Joy-filled!