Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Anticipation Grows....

Our Amaryllis continue to grow.. one is an overachiever and determined to our do the other!  LOL!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Snowman Dishes!

I have a lovely set of Christmas Dishes that hubby and I were give by our parents over the first few years of our marriage... we love using them from Black Friday through New Year's.  This year we have a new to us set to use also.  My son's girlfriend's aunt (got that) had some dishes stored in her attic that she wanted to give away. Girlfriend, knowing I love anything to do with snowmen, snowflakes, etc.  snagged them for me! :-)  Here is a plate..

There are cups, bowls, saucers and serving pieces.  It is a haul!  A huge blessing!  And fun!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is bursting out all over...

Ok.. I know the song is Spring is bursting out all over, but it's not Spring here and I needed a cute blog title... so allow me a bit of poetic license.

As I have probably mentioned here before, my hubby is very artistic and creative and loves to decorate for the holidays... here is a bit of his Christmas magic that has popped up around our house...

Front Door

Close up of wreath hubby made

Dining room

Nativity (there is an angel on the shelf above.. left him out of the picture!)


Tree.. this is my contribution to the decorating

New to us vintage topper hubby found at a local resale store

Breakfast room table.. I LOVE the jingle bells!

on kitchen counter

den door

utility room door



Thursday, December 1, 2011


Years ago when my husband and I were young-marrieds, he brought home a box... in it was a pot with dirt and this odd looking bulb. It was an amaryllis. We did everything it said to do and were rewarded with a lovely red and white bloom around Christmas.  We have grown a few more over the years, but not in a while.

This year we are "amaryllising" again.. 2!

Here they are a week ago teasing us...

I cannot wait to see them full grown and in full bloom.

Ahhh the anticipation...

Tis the Season.... a very different season....

In September my sweet Momma celebrated her 80th birthday. We had a party. Lots of folks came. It was a blast!  In October she got sick... pneumonia.. 2nd year in a row and when it gets hold it hangs on!  Just as she was getting over it.. still weak, but on the uphill swing, she fell.  Falling is never good when you are 80.  She had just finished talking to me and praise the Lord had placed her phone in the pocket of her robe. So she called me back. I was within a mile of her house and able to get there quickly. For that I am thankful!  I hate the thought of anyone alone and in need of help.  911 was called... they were wonderful... off we went to the hospital.  Bump on the head, but no concussion or brain bleed (another praise).  Broken shoulder, but the bone did not separate, so no surgery. (Praise again!) .. her left arm, not right (Praise!)... but there was a problem.  Mother has a pace maker and is on a blood thinner because of it.  The meds for her pneumonia had messed with the other meds. We knew that was going to happen.. the doctor told us ahead of time... we didn't, of course, anticipate a fall.  Her blood was dangerously thin, so no way could she go home.  She stayed in the hospital getting treated for the blood issue 4 days and finally we came home.  Things seemed ok, but not for long. There was pain... great pain... and not in her arm, but her back and side.  After 2 weeks we finally got to the orthopedic surgeon (who is a bit too cocky and rude for my taste).  Shoulder looks good.. will continue in the immobilizer 3 more weeks (not fun)... x-ray showed no broken ribs as we thought their might be, but there is something on the back.. not sure what.. but he wants a better look. So next Monday we go for a CT scan.. yes Monday. I have NO idea why we cannot go sooner... it is a battle that was waged and lost.. so we wait. I do believe the Lord is once again teaching me patience.

My daughter, soon to be 24, has moved in with my mom. She and I are sharing care-giving duties. This would be much more difficult without her.  The grands call my mother, Mamaw, and when my sweet girl was younger we called her Little Mamaw. She looks like her and has a great deal of her personality. And she is a caregiver by nature.. just like my Mom who has taken care of so many folks in her life.  This makes it very difficult for Mother to be cared for.  I have been amused at how it bothers Mother that I have to help her do things, but she is not phased when it is her granddaughter helping. I believe Mom prefers her in fact!  Again.. they are 2 peas (stubborn peas) in a pod!  who have a very strong bond.

Our Thanksgivings are always fairly laid back, but still we have traditions.  My husband loves to decorate tables and such. Our table on Thanksgiving day will be fulled decked with pine cones and walnuts... persimmons... dried hydrangeas... and other goodies from outside.. as well as various things we have around the house and candles.  It is always lovely and a real treat for us and our guests. Usually we have a small bit of family.. my husband and myself.. my mom.. our 2 kids... after that it is a mish-mash. We invite anyone who has no where to go. We have had elderly friends of my mothers... exchange students from other countries... neighbors... you name it!  None of that happened this year. I cooked Wednesday night and Thursday morning... we trucked the food over to my mom's ... ate there and were thankful not only for the food, but for her being ok... even though in pain. In an odd way, I don't feel we had Thanksgiving this year.

No doubt our Christmas season will be different too.  I have spent a number of Christmases differently. When I was a senior in high school I spent Christmas Eve in the hospital as my grandmother lay dying. After being in ICU and coding, she recovered and lived to see 2 more Christmases.... so 2 years later we were there once again and she went home to the Lord in early January.  My other grandmother died a few days before Christmas after suffering a heart attack and stroke during the Thanksgiving weekend... her husband, my grandfather, died several years later at Christmas... and even my sweet Dad slipped into a coma on Dec 26 and died Jan 2, 1997. I have spent many Christmas seasons waiting on someone to die and attending funerals.  Needless to say it has changed my perspective. At one time this season depressed me.. I kept wondering who would die this year.  That last a few years and then God opened my eyes to see that this is a season of hope and strength and He had given both of those in all the difficult Christmases over the years. He is giving that this year.

My mother is doing better... she will recover. I don't think she will be her former self. She has always been very independent and active. I believe this will slow her down and even tether her a bit.  That saddens me.. and yet, I knew this day would come. I just didn't really want it to happen.  I am my Mother's only daughter... we are closer than most Moms and Daughters... I have the privilege of having that same relationship with my daughter.. I learned how to be a mom from the best one I know.

Our Christmas will be merry and bright.. different.. but good.  We will focus, as we always try to, on Jesus.  He has given us a reminder of who He is.. the Prince of Peace... our Savior... Redeemer... Emmanuel!

Traditions will move forward as always (pictures coming)... and some new things will happen (we are doing stockings only for the kids and each other this year)... it is going to be a wonderful season celebrating the birth of Christ and anticipating His return!